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VPs for Obama

So it seems that Barack Obama has wrapped up the Democratic Presidential nomination. Yippeee!!!! So now the question is who will be VP. I still feel a tug in my heart for an Obama/Clinton ticket. Out of other prospects that have been floating about my second favorite will be Bill Richardson on NM. He is probably one of the most seasoned, smart, progressive, and nice politicians around. If Obama cannot stomach Hillary, he would do well to be able to capitalize on Richardson's experience of how Washington works, which is what Obama needs even if he is going to do things differently. You have to know how things have run in the past before you can change them.

Not to sound cynical (I got Wyclef Jean's If I Was President in my head), the VP candidate is going to be super important. Because if Barack does become the first black president, he will be a major target. And if that worst-case-scenario comes to pass, cities will burn.

But for now, I am full of hope and optimism and pride in America that we can see the day when we can have a black presidential candidate. Yippee!!!


Gong Szeto

Colin Powell.
Think about it.


it embarrasses me to admit that i think obama should probably find an older white guy to be his running mate. if john edwards were a decade or two older he'd be a great choice. i don't have any particular leanings toward older white guys myself, but if the country is going to be polarized in this upcoming election, as i'm sure it will be, i would love to see obama have a fighting chance. ron paul would be an interesting (and completely unlikely) choice. he was my favorite dude during the republican debates, always saying what nobody else on those podiums would dare utter.

Gong Szeto

Richardson has been a good governor for NM. Where Obama is air, I see Richardson as earth. Hillary as fire. I think air and earth are a better combination for the next few years. I've been also trying to imagine the next most important cabinet role for Secretary of Defense. Who is a non-hawk with a spine? Can't think of anyone at the moment.


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