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More than 15 minutes fame: ID@IIT student video

Gabriel Biller and Kristy Scovel, graduating students at ID @ IIT just released their video, starring me (way too much of me, I should have wore more make-up) on ethnography and interviewing called, "Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography and Interviewing Primer"

They did a really good job. It very funny. What makes me most happy is that they adopted my view of ethnography as a philosophical orientation not just a set of techniques:

The IIT Institute of Design is a graduate school of design dedicated to advancing the methods and practice of human-centered innovation. We believe that real innovation starts with users' needs and employs a set of reliable methods, theories, and tools to create solutions to their problems. Ethnography and interviewing are how we, as designers, see the world through other people's eyes and get them to tell us their stories. In the spring of 2008, we talked to professors, experts, and students about this philosophical orientation and how to actually get people to talk. To ground things a bit, we took a look at a truly universal article of clothing – denim jeans – and set out to understand: "Who's buying premium denim and why?"

So check out the video:

Getting People to Talk: An Ethnography & Interviewing Primer from Gabe & Kristy on Vimeo.


eden sabala

cornflakes, loved it! and you look great as usual, no worries :)

Leilah Rampa

Dori, the metaphor you gave about the participant singing summed up this complex idea of an interview in such a simple, straight forward way. Really cool. You look great!

Kristy Scovel

Dori, I know that we have plenty of thanking you to do in person upon your return, but you should know that Gabe and I both consider ourselves blessed to have been able to speak with you. So many of your thoughts and opinions shaped our work. In addition to us, many of my fellow students and colleagues (who have watched the both the edited film, as well as the raw footage from your interview) have commented on how much they learned from hearing you speak. We have all grown because of you. Everything you said made so much sense. Thank you eternally. - Kristy

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