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Dori on Australian Broadcasting Company's By Design

On Saturday, I was on ABC giving an interview about Design Anthropology. I'm too afraid to listen to it, so tell me how it went. <grin> I hate radio interviews because I always feel so inarticulate. But it was fun to do and  I spent the rest of the day at the National Gallery of Victoria, where I got my first exposure to Aboriginal Art. The art work was exceptional and there were lots of video commentary available that talked about the artists. I find it difficult to interpret the paintings, but yesterday after a visit to the Oonah  Indigenous Learning Center, Miranda Madgwick gave me some worksheets on understanding the symbols, as well as my most prized gift, one of her paintings.

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Leilah Rampa

I just listened to you and was really impressed, as usual, how you can communicate these very large and complicated projects, processes and ideas in such simple and straight forward answers. You were so calm and self confident! Great job. I loved how you wrapped up the last answer. It was perfect.


Rod Robertson

Hi Dori,a very interesting interview,the research into shampoo interested me as I have thought long and hard about it and believe that I could double a manufactures sales figures in a very short time as i have recognised a very real fault with all brands. The solution would be worth millions if I could get someone to listen. It is so simple that I don't know how I could obtain its worth. this recognised fault goes un noticed by all who make shampoo. I am a simple realestate salesmam, have been in all types of sales for 30 years. I have emailed several manufactures asking for a meeting with senior sales people but have had no response so I just forget it for a while. Your radio interview got me thinking again, someone must want the answer? I don't want to give it away. I enjoyed the interview, you have a very nice speaking voice and exuberate confidence. enjoy your stay in Australia. Regards Rod Robertson 0428 72 62 72

Jennifer Williams

Hi Dori
Actually, you came across really well: erudite and articulate. I felt the host, Alan Saunders,might have teased out a little more about design - he was just getting to it at the end - but time was limited.
Your Adobe article is up on the Radio National website, as is the audio for those interested (you kick in at the 40 minute mark):

Hope you are enjoying Australia.

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