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Melbourne Day 07 (View via hot air balloon)

Here are some images from my hot air balloon trip this morning over Melbourne. It was a great way to view the city and suburbs. The first is the total view of the City and the Port. With the Yarra River, Melbourne could be Chicago's twin in terms of be former-industrial, now designerly, flat city next to large body of water. The  skyscraper downtown is nestled in the river and the shore.


The second is of the shot by the balloon within the City. You cannot get views like this from a observation tower.


The third is the view over the affluent suburbs of Melbourne with the McMansions, swimming pools, and tennis courts.



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Hey! very nice shot dear.It seems you had such a wonderful experience with you.Thanks for sharing with us!

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I just love photos like these, they give a view of a city a sort of unreal distant look, almost like looking at a model of the city made out of a chils set of building blocks. It's almost less real than a close up.


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