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Research Methods for Art and Design Final Presentations 2008

Final time teaching AD418 Research Methods for Art and Design

Tomorrow is the final presentations for my Research Methods for Art and Design Class at UIC. At the end of the Spring semester, I will be going to take a position at another University. Won't post where, because the official announcement has not come out, yet.

It makes me a bit sad for the UIC students, who have come to see the "thesis class" as a core part of their learning experience at UIC. It has transformed the way students think and make at UIC, both at the undergrad and graduate levels. While I will be teaching the class at my new academic home, the way in which the course supported the Interdisciplinary Product Development course, or balanced the very formal design focus of the graphic design program will not be replicated in the same way.

So it is with bittersweetness that I will teach AD418 for the last time at UIC, but I am excited about the work the students have done and am eager to post it on the site like I do every year since teaching it.


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