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Yesterday, I went to see part of the Pechanga Powwow in Temecula, CA with Ellen (who lives in the house up front) and then went to a hilltop with Uncle Sonny and Mike to see the fireworks. I keep waiting for some "I'm going to miss America" tearful moment, but it is not happening.

The Powwow was cool to watch because the Native American's own sense of irony about celebrating the 4th. When we had arrived, they were performing the Gourd Dance to honor the warriors. While the singers and drummers played a song called "Stars and Stripes," the MC pointed out how the Native Americans first fought against the Stars and Stripes and now they fight along with them.

The fireworks were pretty cool. It is always fun to see them from a vantage where you can see different towns all around you. We did not have music playing so it was mostly a visual experience, but it is neat to see the new firework configurations like the geometric squares and smile faces.

Today will be a low key day. I will probably repack my stuff and finally the preparation of Jerry's crate. He leaves tomorrow to go to the travel prepping kennel at 1pm. This is where I am going to be super sad because I won't see him again until Friday. Yes, I know I left him for three weeks but I knew he was with family, so I was not worried. He is going to be with strangers who do not love him.

Uncle Sonny decked out his crate with a portible fan. He is such a spoiled dog, but I love him.


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