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Yesterday, I arrived early in Melbourne, Australia. I cannot believe that this is my new home. I got to the flat on Alfred, the flat complex where I had stayed before. I am in a different unit that is not as posh as the other unit, but I like it. The morning was spent unpacking and dressing. The afternoon was spent greeting people at the University and then shopping at the Prahran Market.

The Prahran Market is exceptionally cool. It is an indoors farmers market, where one can buy fresh pasta, cheeses, breads, and organic fruits and vegetables. I bought organic pumpkin, spinach, onions, udon noodles, yogurt, pasta and pesto sauce, oatmeal, artisan bread, green and chai teas, as well as apples. At first I thought it was really expensive, in total about AU$ 90, but then I calculated what I would spend at Whole Foods, and it ends up being the same. =)

Today, I go to fill out paper work, decide where I want my office to be, and finally go visit Jerry in quarantine. I miss my doggie so much. Anyway, it is good to be home in Oz. I'll hope to have more photos later.


Nanette Carter

Hey Dory,
Try the bigger South Melbourne or Victoria markets for lower prices and more choice - though it would be further to go. Also you must visit the Footscray market (a train ride) which has a strong SE Asian and African focus and even lower prices.
If you want to explore the (Turkish and Middle Eastern food) shopping strip of Sydney Road Brunswick, I will be your guide.

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