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AIGA Make | Think: Chuck Harrison and Ethan Bodnar

Chuck Harrison, illustrious industrial designer, recounts his life. He glosses over the difficulty of finding a job where the job was satisfactorily filled whenever he came to apply. He has traveled around the world. Last couple of years have been riding the crust of the wave, got awards from IDSA, and Cooper Hewitt. Where is life right

Challenge in education is two groups. Those who walk the walk: make good design to perform with skill and knowledge. And those who can talk the talk: those who can recognize and discuss good design, but not executive. Need to, especially ID, have balance between business, art, and science. It is important that we recognize the global shift where things are outside of the US. Lights his fire to see things in nature.

Ethan Bodnar, young designer from Connecticut. He is speaking/reading too fast to capture his thoughts. Parents were designers and marketers. Met community of designers online, then now have formal education in graphic design in college. Informal education are self initiated. Internet is significant part of his life. Book he compiled is Creative Grab Bag from artist around the world. Changes in education proposed are more history, criticism, and research; culture through liberal arts, social design for human good; informal education, and environmentally-friendly design.

This is a missed opportunity for me because could have had a real discussion about diversity in design, but structured it about age and generations in lives that actually have no connection.

Post Conference contemplation: This was my true What the Fuck!! moment in the conference. Comparing the career of Chuck Harrison to that of Ethan Bodnar was completely disrespectful to Chuck. Chuck has had to carve out an extremely successful career out of an era of racism. He could not get a job because he was black. Ethan Bodnar is a nice kid, but it is key that his Mom and Dad have given him a life of privilege as it relates to a career in design. There were no points of comparison in their careers. What most pissed me off was the disrespect shown by Kurt Andersen to Chuck. His line of questioning "everyone experiences obstacles" was a major WTF!. As long as Kurt is the host of the AIGA conference, I will never attend again. 






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