AIGA M/T Affinity Session: Design Education for School Age Children
AIGA Make | Think: Marissa Mayer of Google

AIGA Make | Think: Command X Round 02

Contestant 01: Ryan did a hand lettered Captain Crunch box that gave adults permission to indulge in eating the cereal.

Contestant 02: Bobby did a pornographic Cap'n Crunch box in dark with his cap over his dong. "You and the Cap'N Make it Hap'n: sexually stimulating cereal. 

Contestant 03: Allison did a groovy 1960s nostalgic Captain Crunch. 

Contestant 04: (female) Emphasized hat and mustache with nice red and blue palette.

Contestant 05: (female) Cereal hat with mustache out of hair. Yellow, white, and orange color palette. 

Who will be deleted? Stay tuned.


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