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AIGA Make | Think: Command X Round 03 near final

Ryan, Allison, and Amina are the final three contestants. They are competing for $1000 cash, Adobe CS4. Punc't posters, iphone, type, and glory. Challenge was to make a statement about Civil Rights that would inspire other people and medium was open. Who will win?

Contestant 01 Ryan: Felt awkward as young white male. His solution was to ask more question and use viral nature of video to ask more questions. "When will we get there?" When will you look me in the eyes?" Beautiful black and white video of people asking when will people learn to see them as human. The questions is how do you incorporate history. He answers that you can tell story online as well. Inspiration was booklet from NAACP was "What are you looking for?" Black and white was mostly to cover the lighting.

Contestant 02 Allison: This was by far the most emotionally charged challenge. Civic Rights is not just a moment in mid-century African American history. Read a poem, asked God how to find enough blankets for the Selma March that was rolled up in a pocket: "the patchwork mountain of rolled-up trust." Created a message that ask you to "Take this risk." Take away says, "You can trust me." Asking you to think about what trust means and how to share it. Website of collection of things that you can trust.

Contestant 03 Amina: Was inspired and moved. in here generation. This is what civil rights mean to them. Tags of issues that people care about. View images that people. To treat all human beings with respect, decency and equality. And get responses on a website.

It pisses me off that the judges didn't really address the concept that actually addressed the brief. WTF!



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