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David Butler, VP of Global Design at Coca Cola. Oversees 450 different brands. On average 25% of people on earth drinks one of his brands everyday. Overseen redesign of cans, etc.

Business conference are not intimidating, Design conferences are intimidating. Don't like the preciousness of design. In 1999, I opted out of "Design." Structure > Behavior > Results is what changed his mind. This is the Sapient influence. Holistic way of systems thinking changed the way he thought. Coke called in 2004. There was so much opportunity. 13 billion dollar brands: 450 total brands, 206 countries, 700K employees, 50 million retailers, 160 million customers, 68 billion dollars. How can we leverage design to double value by 2020?

He is providing a global perspective on today and tomorrow (10 years from today). World will be more complex tomorrow. Think/Do approach is how we think at Coke.

Elite to Open Source, Art and Design to Design and innovation, designing thinks to designing systems, create ideas to create value, national blogs,to national policy, lineal problems to wicked problems, the world of design to the design of the world.

It's not about me or Coca Cola, but about WE. 

Post conference contemplation: There was a major controversy about his talk because of the fact that he works for Coca Cola. There is some incongruence between the sustainable and holistic vision he presented and the company he works for. I am more ambivalent. Meaning, Coca Cola does tend to be responsive to its market and if we pressure them, they respond. I thought it was interesting that he did not say anything about Sapient, because I am sure the holistic vision of design that he has comes from that experience. Highlight of his talk was the shout out he gave to me for missing meeting me to talk about the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative.



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