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Liz Coleman, Design and the Liberal Arts Education.

Thinks a lot about the vast divide between intention and outcome. Conversation is powerful way to education and shape college admissions. How to get perspectives students to tell them about themselves. Often tell students how wonderful the institution is.

Socrates: build a city in speech so that people can see justice. The founders of the US designed a nation based on ideas and the constraints. Nation was created by an act of design. If we're to address today's challenges, we need to redesign the structure of media, justice system, and legislature. 

Liberal arts is tied to ethos of democracy. A liberal arts education is designed to foster a student's broadest intellectual and deepest ethical potential. Traditional education is deeper knowledge about less and less.

Oversimplification of civic engagement is about idealization of the expert, fragmentation of knowledge, technical mastery, and neutrality.

What kind of a world are we making? Should we be making? Can we be making? are questions not asked.

We cannot have a viable democracy made up of experts, zealots, politicians, and spectators.

This is really depressing. Having attended a liberal arts institution, Bryn Mawr College, I understand intimately the value, but her prognosis of the world does not match the current optimism that I feel.

New curriculum is focused on equity, education, the environment, governance, the uses of force, and health. Rhetoric with its emphasis of organizing the world of words and design with its focus on organizing of the world of things. They will keep things open to new possibilities. 

Takes as much energy to do stupid things to do positive things.

Post conference contemplation: It is really unfortunate that the lecturing style of the presentation (medium) really did obscure what was an important message.


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