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Jill Greenberg portraiture... did a photoshoot and decided not to do business as usual. Got a call to shoot John McCain by the Atlantic. Was dressed up to distract John McCain. The assignment was to make a heroic portrait. Did the shoot for expenses only and she owned her pictures. She made a photo of McCain saying "I am a bloodthirsty warmonger." She called photo district news to see the photographs.

She has a series of unflattering images with John Cain. I cannot believe this is how they ended the conference with this, which is so mean spirited. Even if I did not like McCain.

Post conference contemplation: I still can't believe how juvenile the presentation was. Perhaps three years ago, it would have been more resonate, but today. It took me 15 minutes to even understand what the controversy was about.


p. burnett

yes, I was there and felt the same way. regardless of my politics, I felt that it was in bad taste, bad business, bad morals, bad ethics....on and on. Her attitude was awful too, something my doctor wife usually refers to as someone with borderline personality disorder. Jill greenburg lost any shred of respect that I might have had for her. I left the conference wondering what that had to do with design...the david butler from coke (design doesn't matter to me anymore...i'm not cool....even tho he had on $1000 jeans, $300 shoes and a cool ass coke shirt....sha right?!) Not to mention the snore inducing lady from google. they really should have stayed on point with what AIGA is about: designers.

barry glotfelty

I saw her too and Loved Her.

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