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AIGA Make | Think: Nick Law

AIGA Make | Think: Stefan Bucher

Stefan Bucher, only designer not from New York. =)

Started with film sequence of his work. Beautiful animation of his life work that felt very Monty Python-esque

More on the make side of the man/think scale. In reality, he is much more on the think side, which is unfortunate for him because it is like being an alcoholic. Starts out as a good idea. Treats his brain like cranky hyperactive pitbull, take it to the park and wear it out. Tired out, he can tell it what to do. Why he works by himself and incorporated as 344. Company is respectibility force field for his own thought process. He can control the overhead of his company. Being debt free allows him to say no to clients he do not want and yes to projects he want. Harder to do that when you are responsible for someone's salary or someone is over him.

So many of the presentations are show and tell of designers work, which seems less inspiring for me than other conferences which seemed more about ideas and values of design. This reflects my lesser interest in the making side than the thinking side.

Stefan is discussing his Superbowl poster which is hilarious for much of the audience. =) He is a super cool nerd. Star Trek, Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Team logos, binary code, etc.

Echo Park Time Travel Mark: Convenient store that serves the needs of time traveler. Mammoth Chunks. TK brand: Anti-Robert Fluend, Time-Freezy Hyper Slush. He designed store as well as all the products.

100 Days of Monsters Book. Great process of starting with a ink blot and then drawing a monster from the blot. His presentation is greatly interactive between him and the screen. 

He did a segment of monsters on The Electric Company on PBS. He makes great letter forms.

New book: The Graphic Eye of photos by graphic designers from around the world.

Stefan is very funny. There needs to be more humor in the conference.


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