Swin Design Anthropology versus U of Dundee Design Ethnography
Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in 2011: Design Anthropology and Indigenous Knowledge



African American males may not think learning is masculine enough", wtf?? this is a whole new approach to what i've thought about learning, generally speaking..i didn't realised that it was a matter of sex gender involved there..considering that, i should say that there are many fake feminists also, if you know what i mean..:))


It is my favorite video because it is trying to promote learning, especially to African American males who may not think learning is masculine enough. Because it is a riff on the very masculine Old Spice commercials, it is a good way to spread the message that libraries are cool. I am still in Melbourne Australia. I have been too crushed with work to write anything, especially if it is not leading to publishing. I sent you an email but it came back undelivered. Can you email me your phone number or we can set up skype call? Jerry says hello back. Say hello to Charles and give me details on the wedding.

Alicia Da Silva

Dori Ok so why is this your favorite video? sorry I don't get the celestial sanwich... is this a favorite because the guy is handsome(ish)? Anyway where the heck are you as you watch it?

looking forward to reading new posts (what happened to your other linking of Taoist meditations) and to finding you back in the US of A whenever you visit us from down under. say hello to Jerry....

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