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Vote for the USNPI's question for the President

Wow, someone tried to sabotage our question by having it removed as inappropriate. I have posted a new question. Search under "economic competitiveness"
The White House is offering the opportunity for The People's questions to be answered two days after the State of the Union address based on popular vote.

I have submitted the following question for Obama:

Given your focus on economic competitiveness, many European and Asian nations have established national design policies for this exact purpose. How could the US design community work with the Government to establish a National Design Policy as well?

Help make this the most popular question (the leader is at 561 votes).


01   Go to
02   Search for "economic competitiveness" to find our question.
03  "Like" the question by clicking the thumb up symbol.
04   Send this message to friends to do the same.

We have about 48 hours to make this happen. I trust we can do it.

NOTE: We are prepping for Summit 2011 from Sept. 23-24.