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Revised China Trip

Good news and bad news. Bad news is due to more stringent visa requirements that I won't be able to get my visa in time to go teach next week. So will have to defer that part of the trip. The good news is that I can modify the second half of the trip and still cover the objectives of going but in a whirlwind way. I am sure there is a good reason why I need to be around for the next three weeks.


Waiting to submit my visa application. As an American, I have special rules (must submit everything in duplicate) and special price $200 AU versus $40 for Aussies. Service is pretty efficient.



Dori's 2012 Design Rock Star Asian tour

Today, I ordered the text books for teaching research methods at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing China in Sept/Oct. I have decided on Bruce Hannington and Bella Martin's Universal Methods of Design and William Lidwell, et. al.s Universal Principles of Design. I normally use H. Russell Bernard's Research Methods in Anthropology, but because it is going to be a four week intensive of a 12 week course in combined Chinese and English, I thought it best to use more simple textbooks.

The ordering of the text books have gotten me excited about the trip. I've been checking out the tourists sites for Nanjing and Inner Mongolia and trying to figure out what gifts to bring (anything authentically Australian which means a visit to the Koorie Heritage Trust for Indigenous books, music, and artwork). I am trying to learn some key phrases in Mandarin, but have downloaded the iTranslate app for the heavy lifting. I am sure this app will save my life as you speak to it in English and it translates it into Chinese, or 31 other languages. 

Anyway, below is my tour schedule in case anyone wants to meet up. You'll be able to follow my adventures on my blog:

04 September, Depart Melbourne to Beijing 
05 September, Arrive in Beijing 
06 September, Finalize course preparation with CAFA staff 
07 September, Continue to finalize course preparation

Teaching will be covered over eight sessions over a five week period, with the holidays. 
10 September, Session 01: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
13 September, Session 02: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
14-16 September, Travel to Nanjing and give lecture

17 September, Session 03: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
20 September, Session 04: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
21-23 September, Travel to Inner Mongolia to visit Inner Mongolia Normal and give lecture

24 September, Session 05: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
27 September, Session 06: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial 
28 September, Travel back to Melbourne 

06 October, Return from Melbourne
08 October, Session 07: 1.5 hour lecture and 3 hour tutorial
10 October, Session 08: 1.5 hour lecture and FINAL 3 hour tutorial

11-13 October, Travel to Shanghai to visit Tongji University and give Public Lecture
14-17 October, Travel from Shanghai to Hong Kong to visit Hong Kong Polytechnic University and City U, and give lectures
17 October, Travel from Hong Kong to Malaysia for ICOGRADA Design Week in Sarawak. 
18-21 October, at ICOGRADA in Malaysia. 
21 October, Return to Melbourne.

Dori's Moblog is becoming active again soon. Stay tuned for more updates. More lecture notes and a 2012 Asia tour in Sept./October.