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New Year's Reconciliations

 Being a super nerd, I looked up the definition for resolutions before I thought of writing them. The definitions emphasized the notion of "strong will and determination" (American Heritage Dictionary 2000). That is all well and good, but I thought I would try a different take because willfulness has never been a weakness of mine. So instead I want to write New Year's reconciliations whereby I have to "bring myself to accept" (American Heritage Dictionary 2000) certain situations and contexts.

Reconciliation #1

No matter how compassionate or empowering that I try to be towards others, my force of nature will frighten and intimidate people.

In most situations that I am in, I'm a change agent. I just can't help it. I like to make things happen. This means that I am going to have haters just because people fear change and if you are perceived to be the source of that change, haters are going to hate. People hating me just because I do what I do, or even just because I exist really bothered me this year. The amount of attempted character assassination that I put up with in 2012 was outrageous. So reconciliation #1 is to accept the fact that to try an empower people who only want to take you down is stupid. You may not need to smote their asses. You should remain compassionate, because under all that hate is fear. But you should not empower them.

Reconciliation #2

What is important to me is not what is important to others, even if they sometimes claim it is.

I am passionate about many things, but I prioritize quite rigorously. Not everyone does that. People may say that your shared passion is a priority but things change for them and for you. Do not get disappointed by these changes in priority. In 2013, I shall accept this and devote my energy to those who do share the same priorities. At the same time, I will not neglect to communicate to others, in their own language, that their priorities may also be mine.

Reconciliation #3

Everything that happens to me and through me is a gift of the universe.

The last two years have been challenging as I have sought to build future possibilities, but every turn has been to my benefit. The challenges of building the Indigenous Knowledge specialization allowed me to build these amazing relationships with the local Aboriginal community in Melbourne. The general shenanigans of the office has tempered me yet also given me to opportunity to see how the seeds that I have planted within my young colleagues have blossomed beautifully. I can say that the year of 2012 was certainly blessed for me. I deepened the relationships with people whom I love. I met new and amazing people that I will come to love deeper. So my final reconciliation for 2013 is to continue to live as though everything that comes to me is an opportunity to love more, share more, and grow more.

I am looking forward to more loving, sharing, and growing in 2013.


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