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Research for India Trip: SBS Doco Welcome to India

So as I prep for my trip to India besides needing to catch up on all the Bollywood hits, I have been watching SBS's documentary series Welcome to India. It is this three part doco on how Indian pragmatism, entrepreneurship, and thriving in situations of economic precariousness. There are three things I like about the series thus far:

  1. The ethnographic perspective is that of the Indian lower-classes and precariously middle class. You get a clear sense of the economic uncertainty the families face but also the great joy people have in their families and making the lives of their children better.
  2. It is constantly showing the global interconnectedness between India and the rest of the world. One man salvages ships from Japan for recycling. The tallow melter's products are found in the lipsticks and mascara's all over the world.
  3. It keeps it real in terms that people have to struggle to make their daily bread, but they do so with a sense of agency.

This the first part of the series.


This the second part of the series.



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