Jaipur 01.5 (Rani Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Rajasthani food, and the Indian Institute of Craft and Design)
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Jaipur 02.5 Sick Day

Today, I took a sick and tired day. This was half-way through the trip and I was feeling on the verge of catching a cold. When I plan intense trips like this, I always require a down time day in which I need to recover form the exhaustion of constant motion, presenting, but mostly talking to people. I am really an introvert, which means that people do suck the energy out of me. If I don’t get enough alone time, I start to get physically sick, mostly manifested as a cold or flu.Thus, I stayed all day in the hotel to catch up on blog postings; one of which was lost when the wifi went down after I had been working on it for three hours. I slept a lot and then in the evening watched TV.

I said before that I decided not to go to the Taj Mahal. Although Jaipur is a lovely city and the people I have met have been lovely, there is something about the place that does not resonate with me. It is not that I dislike it; it is just that I would never feel comfortable there. As Gary said, perhaps there is some really bad juju in the history there.

In total sweetness though, the hotel manager sent up one of the staff to check up on me when I did not come down for breakfast or lunch. My stomach was a bit upset. They were happy when I did decide to come down for dinner. The service at the Rani Mahal was really excellent.

In my brief travels, I have noticed the number of Nepali or Indo-Asiatic young men working in the food service sector. Rajesh often conversed with me in his limited English and my non-existent Hindi or Nepali during breakfast in the dining hall or when he brought and picked up the room service trays for me. It seems that he travelled to India to work and that all his family is back in Nepal. I was told that Nepali’s are treated as if they were Indian citizens in terms of travel, employment, and educational opportunities.


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