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Update on Rebranding Anthro Textbooks

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Savage Minds just published my (Dori Tunstall) and Jennifer Esperanza's article, Decolonizing Anthropology Textbook Covers, on their blog. It presents seven visual strategies for presenting images that reflect the diversity of the audiences, instructors, and practices of contemporary anthropology:

  1. Participatory Self-Portraiture Cover Series Provided by Indigenous Artists
  2. Participatory DIY Covers Provided by Anthropology Instructors
  3. Reversed Gaze
  4. Curated Mosaic of Images
  5. Curated Art Abstraction
  6. Non-Photographic Abstract Illustration
  7. Self-Portraiture with Literal Reflective Mylar Panel

Read and let us know what your DIY anthropology cover would be. #DIYAnthroTextbookCovers


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