Favorite images from Copenhagen

I have been really neglectful on blogging. I have notes for the EPIC presentations that I have not had time to post. Until I have time, hopefully this weekend. Here are some of my favorite images to tide you over.

The site of EPIC at the University of Copenhagen

The canal near the Kong Arthur Hotel

Post-It Notes in Danish at the design firm 1508

View of Copenhagen from the rooftop of the Ministry of Finance where MindLabs is located

Sunset on the rooftop

Sculpture from the Fox Hotel lobby, which everyone left because the place was more youth hostel chic than the Krimpton Hotel chic that everyone expected based on their website

Tivoli Park, which is decorated for Halloween

Amusement ride at Tivoli Park

Dori live from Copenhagen

I just arrived in Copenhagen Denmark to attend the 2008 Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference. It has been very long trip. Not in any way unpleasant, but just very long. The sun is setting here in Copenhagen which is beautiful. It is strange to come from Chicago, to London, to Copenhagen and notice the relative lack of diversity. It always shocks me that other black people (like in Denmark or Australia or London) don't recognize other black people like African Americans do. I think it is a good aspect of AA culture that should be exported like Hip Hop.

Being both brave and cheap  (Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in Europe), I took the train into the city at 30 Danish Kroner (about $6 USD) and walked the 400 meters to the hotel. My heart was beating so fast because I felt totally at the mercy of a place I do not know, people who I do not know, signs I cannot read, and likely to get very very lost. But once I asked if I was traveling in the right direction and it was confirmed, all my anxieties went away. I regained my trust in my instincts to lead me to the hotel without getting murdered, raped, robbed, or all the horrible things you imagine if you get lost. Whew.

Now my tasks are to finish my presentation (for Thursday) and avoid catching a cold. I am trying something new this year based on reading The Back of the Napkin by  Dan Roam. I normally do these multimedia extravaganzas, but this year I will have simple drawings to illustrate my points. I just have to make and photograph the drawings. This is my task for tonight and tomorrow. I am drinking lots of tea and may see if the spa at the hotel has a sauna to deal with the threatening cold.

I cannot wait to see the ladies of Anthro-Design.